Date: 2020-04-03 20:32:02
Maintenance window DCG 103/105
On April 4 maintenance will be done in DCG and then specifically rack 103 and 105. The servers in the rack must be switched off for this. The most important thing we are going to do is replace the power bars, the current ipomans are starting to become unreliable and in the last 2 years several have failed. In addition, we also take care of other maintenance if the machines are switched off for which the machines must be switched off. Later this maintenance will also be done in the other racks, we will contact you as soon as a plan has been made for this. The other racks in DCG may have to do with network hiccups, but the network continues to work because we maintain / move 1 router.

Most important points:
- All servers in DCG rack 103 and 105 will be completely without power and network for some time
- We are going to replace the power bars with new ones, the old ones appear to be unstable and a few have now fallen out
- During work, status updates are communicated via
- You can experience network hiccups in the rest of the network from 9:00 am
- Turn off your server in rack 103 and/or 105 in DCG in time. Due to maintenance, they must be off at 9:25 am. You can leave the servers in the other racks on.
- On request we test a TCP port as soon as your server is switched on again or we perform a ping test (see below)

For this maintenance we only work in rack 103 and 105 in DCG. Servers in the other racks can be left on.

Additional information:
During maintenance we replace the ipomans with new Schleifenbauers to keep the stability of the power supply to the servers as good as possible. Various ipomans have failed in the last 2 years.

Short interruptions of network traffic in the other racks in DCG cannot be ruled out, we do everything to minimize this. The power on the servers in the other racks will continue to be present. The servers in racks other than 103 and 105 do not need to be switched off.

We communicate status updates this day in particular via On (Dutch only) you can see where your server is located, if we move your server we will also send this to you after time.

Once we are done we check everything as well as possible. We do this based on the status of power and network ports and a visual check. We try to start servers that do not start automatically.

On request we can test one TCP port per server. Give us the IP address, the TCP port number and a telephone number where you can be reached. If desired, we can also do a ping test instead of the TCP port check. If we discover problems we will call you. We can also enter an FDE password on request, please notify us in advance.

You can schedule automatic shutdown on your server, for example with the following command:
shutdown +$(((`date -d '4 Apr 2020 9:25 CEST' +%s`-`date +%s`)/60))

Please report problems on IRC or by e-mail. First check on what the status of the maintenance is.

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